The majority of referrals are processed via e-Referral.  This means that we put the referral on the system, and then you book your own appointment using the Booking Reference and Password that we provide to you.

We can email the document to you or you can collect from the surgery.  Just visit the NHS e-Referrals website to login or if you don't have internet access you can phone the number to book your appointment.


Types of Referrals

Consultant-led appointments 

(such as Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Orthopaedics, Respiratory)

These are all booked via e-Referrals.  Different specialties book appointments in different ways.  You may receive the document from us to book the appointment yourself; or it may be booked by the hospital and sent out to you.  We will contact you if you need to book the appointment yourself.


Hearing Test (Audiology)

You can request a hearing test without seeing a GP.  Please book an appointment with Nurse Clare or Nurse Hilary who can check your ears prior to referral.


Ultrasound Scan

Referrals will be from your GP. There are local screening venues around Glososp and Hadfield which you may be sent to. Details of this will be enlcosed on your referral details. They also have other clinics around the Tameside & Glossop area on different days.  You can book your own appointment via e-Referrals with the details which will be sent to you by the practice. 



Referral will be from your GP. Northwest Diagnostics are based at a local GP surgery and will send your appointment to you.


Ambulatory ECG

Referral will be from your GP.  You may be referred for a 24 hour or a 6 day event monitor. Broomwell Healthwatch are based at a local GP surgery and will send your appointment to you.


Community Referrals

Your GP may refer you for other community services such as:


Patient Request to Expedite an Appointment

If you have been referred to the hospital, you may find that you have been placed on a waiting list.  If your symptoms worsen or change and you feel that you need to be seen sooner than planned, you can request that your appointment is expedited.  There is no guarantee that your appointment will be brought forward, but we will send your request to the Consultant for them to review.

Please request a form and return to the surgery by hand, by email  or you can post to the letterbox at the Albert Street entrance.