Travel Vaccinations 




If you are not registered at Lambgates Health Centre but want to use our Travel clinic services we are more than happy to cater for your needs but there is some information you need to be aware of.

You need to Pre-register with us then fill in a holiday questionnaire form as this is a private service. A one off payment of £20.00 is required for the nurse Consultation time to go through your forms.

You will the need to contact the surgery 7 days after you have dropped the questionnaire off to arrange payments for any vaccinations prior to your holiday appointment with one of our specialist travel nurses.

image representing travel vaccinations


Travel Vaccination procedure for Lambgates Health Centre

  • Please fill in the surgery travel questionnaire.
  • A form is required for each person travelling
  • Give the medical staff 7 days to action your forms
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to contact surgery to see if you need a travel appointment
  • The nurse will have looked through your medical records and actioned your forms and decided which vaccines you will require if any.
  • First Travel appointment takes 30 minutes and nurse will discuss with you about your travel plans and what vaccines are required.
  • Some vaccines require payment these will be expected to be paid for prior to your next nurse appointment as we have to order them in to the surgery a receipt will be given as proof of purchase.

2019-2020 Fees

Vaccination Fee Paid By
DTP (Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio) £35.00 Patient
Typhoid £33.00 Patient
Hepatitis A £55.00 Patient
Hepatitis A & Typhoid £70.00 Patient
Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B Booster £70.00 Patient
Hepatitis B £40.00 Patient
Hepatitis B Course x 3 £100.00 Patient
Meningitis ACWY £50.00 Patient
Rabies Booster £55.00 Patient
Rabies Course £165.00 Patient
Japanese Encephalitis Course £170.00 Patient
Yellow Fever £65.00 Patient
Yellow Fever Certificate £10.00 Patient
Tick Born Encephalitis Booster £50.00 Patient
Tick Born Encephalitis Full Course £150.00 Patient